Three Benefits of Modern Methods of Construction

Technology and construction methods have not stopped evolving for the past 10,000 years. Ever since mud huts and caves were what our ancestors called ‘home, we have been improving, innovating and redefining how and where we live.

The Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs built structures which were so mind-bendingly complex, scientists are still unsure of how they achieved such complex work 5,000 years later.

And in slightly more recent times, construction methods have enabled the completion of projects such as the building of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and Crossrail, the biggest infrastructure project in Europe.

But the benefits of modern construction methods aren’t just reserved for awe-inspiring megaprojects, they’re widely used in the development of real-estate projects all over the world and likely to be used in the construction of your home one day.

1. Water Recycling

Greywater is the water you use to wash the dishes, wash your hands and shower.

Usually, this water is sent off to treatment plants along with sewage which runs out of every household, however, as greywater is significantly easier to clean and recycle, many real estate developments are now being built with their own treatment facilities, allowing water to cleaned and used again in quick succession, meaning no wastage is created.

Furthermore, homes are also being build to harvest rainwater to further improve the use of water, which is set to become a much more valuable commodity as the impact of global warming takes effect over the next 50 years.

2. Energy Harvesting and Storage

Over the past ten years, the cost of solar panels has dropped significantly while their effectiveness has increased. This means that many modern homes and buildings are constructed with in-built energy harvesting technologies, reducing the need for fossil fuels to generate power.

Coupled with the improvements in heat retention (such as triple-glazed glass) homes are vastly more efficient than those built a decade ago.

3. Construction at Speed

As we have all observed amid the COVID-19 outbreak, entire hospitals can be constructed in a matter of weeks as opposed to years.

This would not have been possible without radical developments in construction methods and technology over the past 20 years. Materials such as concrete and steel are significantly stronger and durable than they used to be, meaning less of it is required to support buildings, making it possible to build faster.

These developments in construction and technology are being used to produce housing and major real estate projects at a higher rate than ever before.

These benefits will be key for improving living standards and reducing the impact of construction on the environment over the next century, though with the development and use of artificial intelligence growing in the construction industry, it’s likely that construction methods will change way beyond what we think is possible in the future.